Corporate Cleaning

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Our company currently works in various commercial sectors including :

Maclean Leaf for dotFinancial
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As a family run Irish business , building a relationship with our clients is very important to us .We have a fantastic team of experienced professional staff whos focus is to look after our clients needs .Since 2013 we have provided the highest standard to our clients in many different sectors ,and we work alongside your business to help you achieve a bespoke experience that best suits your needs and budget .

Our staff are the backbone of our company  and they will always be an asset to your business .We are customer focused and constantly striving to be innovative and forward thinking .

Having a clean and hygienic workplace is essential for the health and well being of your staff .At Macleans we are very aware of the amount of time spent in the office each day and work alongside you to provide your staff with a clean ,hygienic and comfortable environment  .It has been proven that a tidy workspace will increase morale and happiness of employees and increase productivity and efficiency of your staff .


We offer a full range services :

Maclean Leaf for dotSupply of all PPE 
Maclean Leaf for dotSanitisation Stations 
Maclean Leaf for dotProduct and Equipment 
Maclean Leaf for dotCanteen Consumables 

Maclean Leaf for dotAll Restroom and Sanitary requirements 

Maclean Leaf for dotEnvironmentally friendly products available 

Please call our office and speak to one of our Macleans team about your particular requirements and we will arrange for a call out to your premises to access your needs  .A huge advantage of using Macleans Cleaning Services is we have gained extensive knowledge of working in the pandemic as we have continued to work as essential service providers since March 2020 .Your business will benefit from the experience and challenges we have faced and we are equipped and happy to help and guide you through this time of re-opening and returning to your office workspace .

So let our business look after yours!Looking forward to hearing from you .