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As CEO of Macleans Cleaning Services I  was delighted to be asked to speak on “That Great Business Show “Podcast with host Conall O”Morain and talk about all things business ,what it has been like to run a cleaning business in a Pandemic .Being an Irish owned family business the last 15 months have been a real challenge for our business and for our family .We have been lucky in many respects as we have worked continually through the pandemic with our essential service clients and have great pride in the work we have done cleaning schools through a very challenging time , while some other areas of work for us shut down completely in March 2020 and have yet to re-open . As a business we have had to adapt and pivot , to accommodate to the changing environment around us . Conall is a great host and even though I was a bit nervous he helped put me at ease and asked me all about setting up our cleaning business and how I ended up an accidental Entrepreneur . I started our business in 2013 out of necessity and realised quite quickly that I loved working and running my own cleaning  business and quickly built up our client base and added great members of staff to our Team each year I tell Conall and his listeners about our fantastic new product our reusable washable face mask that is manufactured here in Ireland and sold in local pharmacies such as Meaghers and Quigleys  and also on our own on-line store .Through one of our clients we have exported our masks to 13 different European countries during the pandemic and the feedback we have gotten on them is amazing. They are a comfortable ,reusable, breathable and made with 3 layers of fabric and conform to the CDC and the WHO standard and we can also brand them in your company colours and logo    Tune into Episode 30 of That Great Business Show to hear our journey so far .